We Give Words…Life!


Remember that old phrase, “If you look up (insert word) in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of said word”?  Well your dreams have finally come true.  We created The Cultural Thesaurus.  We boldly go where no other reference site has gone before.  I challenge you to recognize the shift in today’s reference sites.  They want our content.  They have copied our format because we recognize the future of dictionaries and thesauri.

Most reference sites are one dimensional, limiting themselves to politically correct terms or just slang. We wanted to curate words to showcase a complete story without any bias. We believe #AllWordsMatter. We embrace the obscure, taboo, LGBTQ and culturally diverse terms.

One of the great things about putting this site together was working with creative artists and writers. We get to feature the talents of artists and share their work with the world. Not only that, our creative group of comedic writers recognizes that words tell stories and they have no qualms about spilling the tea. It’s no secret that our database houses so pretty colorful words and idioms. We have taken on the challenge of shedding the light on how these terms came to be.

Yes, the terms in our database are completely unconventional, but who isn’t? That’s the beauty of today’s creative writers. They are open, honest and fucking hilarious. This is our gift to you. The urban thesaurus you’ve always wanted. Cheers!