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Ashley Graham - Sports Illustrated
She is a sexy, beautiful, thick and voluptuous woman. Sports Illustrated broke the internet when the gorgeous Ashley Graham earned the magazine cover.

#1 Stunner, Amazon, Around the way girl, Aurfael, B-girl, Babe, Babealicious, Babe-a-lonian, Bad mamma jamma, BAPS, Battleship, Beauty, Beauty Queen, Beef, Belt, Bene mort, Best built, Bit of crackling, Black stallion, Bombshell, Bonzarina, Box, Brahma, Brick house, Cake, Chancy, Charmer, Chicken dinner, Classis chassis, Chromaz, Cold blooded, Cookie, Corker, Cottontail, Criss-ting, Crumpet, Cutie, Cutie pie, Deadner, Dimbermort, Dime, Dime piece, Doll, Drop dead gorgeous, Eye candy, Feek, Firmota, Fit, Fitness, Flah, Flower, Fox, Foxy, Gauzer, Gawzer, Gobbleprick, Goddess, Good eating, Good sort, Hairy bit, Honies, Hot mama, Hot patootie, Hot stuff, Hotcha, Hottie, Hoult, Houri, Karena, Knock out, Lasher, Looker, Mamacita, Mami, Mazehette, Mercedes, Minx, Naturalista, Nifty woman, No beyond jammer, Penn'orth o' Treacle, Perfect 10, PHAT, Phatty girl, Pot of bliss, Puma, PYT, Real Raspberry Jam, Rose, Rum blower, Rum doxy, Rum dell, Ruquita de Aquella, Shana maidel, Sexy Sadie, Slim, Snuggy, Stallion, Stunner, Tender, Tender roni, Top totty, Totty, Vixen, Winner, Zaftig, Zoftig
See also: Basket of oranges
, Bootylicious, Brickhouse, Eatin’ stuff, Enchantress, Feek, Femme fatale, Fine Thing, Flavor, Flirt, Fox, Foxy lady, Frail eel, Furburger, Gash, Ginch, Hard Case, Hard Shot, Hot Thing, Hot Cup of Tea, Hot Mama, Hot Sex on a Platter, Hot Tamale, Hot Tottie, Hoult, Mata Hari, Minx, P.H.A.T., Phatty Girl, Pussycat, Sexy Sadie, Seductress, Siren, Snuggy, Stallion, Stiletto feminist, Stone fox, Table grade, Temptress, Thoroughbred, Totty, Twist, Vivrant thing, Vixen, Winner, Zaftig, Zoftig

Mouth almighty

A babbling bessy or Chatty Cathy who never shuts the hell up! She is known for spreading infectious rumors and she loves to mine the business of others.

Babbling Cunt, Bessy, Chatty Cathy, Chatty Patty, Church Bell, Clashbag, Gabby, Gossip girl, Gossipmonger, Hens, Klip, Magpie, Mouth almighty, Muffin-walloper, Nosey Rosie, Poll Parrot, Spinny, Windbag, Yenta, Wren



Black Panther, The King of Wakanda
Long live the King! He is the ruler of all. His majesty, his lordship, he who wears the crown! The noble title of a male monarch.

Amir, Autokrator, Basileus, Caliph, Chief, Chieftan, Commander, Czar, Despot, Dictator, Dominus, Emir, Emporer, Hemir, Jeddak, Kaiser, Keisar, King, Lord, Lordship, Maharaja, Maharana, Malik, Malka, Melech, Melik, Mikado, Monarch, Oba, Pharaoh, Rana, Rex, Ruler, Sheikh, Sovereighn, Sultan, Tenno, Your Highness


Hip hop

Cardi B - LHHNY Reunion 6
This is hustler status. One who is about making money. This can also be cash money obtained on the hush or from the streets.

Allowance, Almighty dollar, Argent, Assets, ATM, Ballin', Bank, Banknotes, Bankroll, Benjamins, Benjies, Big bucks no whammies, Bills, bitcoins, Bob, bones, Boodle, Bread, Bread n' butter, Brass, brinks, Bucks, bullets, Cabbage, cache, Cake, capital, case notes, Cash, Cash flow, Change, cha-ching, Cheddar, Cheese, Check, chicamin, Chips, Chump change, Clams, coconuts, Coins, Coinage, corn, Cream, Currency, Dead presidents, Dibs, Dinero, Dividends, Dollars, Donation, Dosh, Dough, Ducats, Duckets, Ends, federals, feria, feta, Finances, Fins, folding green, Folding stuff, frogs, Frogskins, fromage, Funds, Euro, Geld, goods, gouda, graft, gravy, grease, Green, Green paper, Greenbacks, grubstake, guineas, haul, heap, High stakes, hoard, holdings, Honk, ice, Ice cream, Jack, jangle, jingle, Kale, King's randsom, kitty, Knots, lana, Large, Legal tender, Lettuce, lift, Lolly, loochie, Loot, Lucre, Mazoo, Mazoola, Mazuma, Meal ticket, Mean grean, Means, Megabucks, milk, mintage, Moola, Moolah, Money, monkey, motsa, Nest, nest egg, Notes, nuts, oscar, Paise, pap, Paper, Para, payola, Peanuts, Pelf, Penize, Pesos, Pittance, Pockets, Promissory note, Readies, receipts, resources, Quid, rhinos, rivets, rocks, Rolls, Rubies, salt, Scratch, Scrilla, Scrip, Shares, Shekels, Sheqel, Shilling, shrapnel, silver, Simoleons, skins, Smackeroos, Smackers, Spare change, specie, Spondulicks, Spondulix, Stacks, stake, Stash, stockpile, stocks, store, sugar, Swag, sweetener, take, Tax, Tender, tip, tribute, trove, velvet, victuals, Wad, wallet, Wampam, Wonga, Yards, yellowbacks, yield


via Deviantart, Artwork by Sniper M1D
A female on the social climb, marriage-minded, money-hungry young ladies that seem to flock to the upwardly-mobile neighborhoods like Park ave. The Trixie stereotype describes a "blonde, late-twenties woman with a ponytail who works in PR or marketing, drives a black Jetta, gets manicures and no-foam skim lattes. Usually ex sorority types lusting after jocks.

B-Girl, Boopsie, Bopper, Cack broad, Cambridge fortune, Cow, D.N.B., Fifi, Gimme girl, Gold digger, High Maintenance, Material girl, Mayfair Mercenary, Mickey T, Paper chaser, Rigmarole, Shine eye girl, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Toffer


A male singer who leaves the women swooning and gay men covered in sploosh. If your stage isn't covered with pink lacy panties, fruit of the looms or size 25 big mama drawers, you have failed as a singer. If they're shouting "Encore" from the rafters, you did the damn thing.

Front man, Jongleur, Minstrel, Minnesinger, Pied piper, Serenader, Velvet balladeer

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